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About Haida Tide

Haida Tide is a cultural eco-tourism business located in northern Haida Gwaii. . We provide electrical bike rentals, guided tours, and cultural knowledge of the area.

Adventure, We’re Here

Haida Tide promotes the preservation of the area’s vast and beautiful landscapes and conservation of the abundant resources here that have sustained Haida’s since time immemorial. Haida tide educates visitors to be conscious of their impact on the environment and the importance of living an Eco-friendly lifestyle, inspiring them to adopt positive changes into their lives. visitors will leave with a greater appreciation for our Haida culture and Indigenous cultures as a whole. 


Haida Tide is all about soul strength, swagger and indigenous style. Haida Tide is a magnet for good vibes and good energy

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Great Tours. Better Memories

I am Haida of the Gawa Git'ans Eagle clan. My family came from the Old Massett area. I grew up hearing the stories of the unique place of Tow Hill and North Beach. My Naanii (grandmother) was brought there to work in the clam cannery as a child. I have learned many stories of the village that once thrived here and the seasonal gatherings that happened here for the northern clans of Haida Gwaii.

Our Tours

  • Explore the undulating lowlands 

  • See kilometres of beaches that will take your breath away with endless views of our moss-covered trees

  • Experience forests that are hundreds of years old….- come meet our oldest living elders(the trees)

  • Greet plants that have sustained, nourished and cured our ailments from time immemorial 

  • Watch sand dunes that seem to go on forever

  • See land carved from ice lava and tides over the ages

  • Hear Haida stories that bend your grasp on the physical and the spiritual 

  • Experience mysterious otherworldly beauty with mosses of the forest floor that illuminate glowing green

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Haida Tide caters to a demographic that values personal wellness, fitness and adventure


Forest bathing benefits; reduce blood pressure, lower stress, improve cardiovascular and metabolic health, lower blood sugar levels, improve concentration and memory, lift depression, improve pain thresholds, improve energy, boost the immune system, increase the body’s natural killer cells (NK cells), increase anticancer protein production and helps to lose weight.

Learn how relaxing is a part of being productive.


Hiking tours, electric bikes can also be manually operated (human-powered).


Weather/storm watching, tide racing, treasure hunting.


Haida Tide tours aim to foster situational awareness in visitors not only as they spend time on Haida Gwaii but for all their future travels and adventures. Visitors learn about how Haida people lived in a relationship with the land.

We invite visitors to come on a journey that pushes the limits of their imagination. Humankind having come from nature, experiencing it in its truest of forms is essential to human health. We invite you to untangle the stress of life and take a breath for a magical moment in time. Soke in the magnificent sights of northern Haida Gwaii.

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Coming Soon
Guest Services & Cafe Cabin

The guest service and cafe cabin will provide gracious hospitality, great quality of service delivered with warmth, friendliness, and pride for the land around us. It will be an informative area that provides a relaxing space that collectively represents and reflects northern Haida Gwaii values traditions and community. In the cabin, you can order coffee, tea, or hot chocolate relax and soak in artwork, photography, knowledge and good vibes. Electrical Bike rentals and safety equipment will be provided along with instructional advice on how to operate the electric bikes. Wildlife sightings will be put on a whiteboard to share visitors’ experiences. It will be a space to relax and recover learn and socialize safely.

Tide Gallery

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