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Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is home to several unique plant and animal species that are only found here on the islands, and the DNA of the animals and plants that live on Haida Gwaii are different from their relatives on the mainland.

Keeping that in mind, we as a people have lived on these islands since time immemorial, through the era when glaciers dominated the land and before the first cedar tree arrived.

Haida society, and Xaad Kil, the Haida language and culture, developed through our relationship to the land and we are a part of the nature here, not separate from our environment.

Did you know that cedar on Haida Gwaii are different than cedar on the mainland. Haida Gwaii cedar do not emit toxins from their foliage that deter deer from grazing because deer are not indigenous to Haida Gwaii and have not been here long. I believe we, as Haida people, have a deep connection to the land and nature. I believe that all of Haida Gwaii is in our DNA.

When visitors come here and don't experience the culture of the land, they are not getting the full experience and are missing out.

Haida Tide tours will immerse people in the environment and the culture to develop a deeper connection to Haida Gwaii.

In connecting and getting a deep appreciation, I hope to enrich the experience of visitors to Tow Hill and inspire them to be more eco-friendly and aware of their footprint on the environment. I also hope that visitors leave with a greater appreciation for our Haida culture.

If you are coming to Haida Gwaii and taking it in only as entertainment you are missing a huge aspect and a huge experience. By coming from a learning point of view and being curious about truly understanding the uniqueness and what really makes Haida Gwaii the special place it is, then you can fully appreciate and have a truer experience… otherwise, you will just be scraping the surface of the magic here.

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