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Haida Gwaii - Haida Tide

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The happiness and fulfillment I feel when Haida tide can contribute to a positive future for a sustainable economy on Haida Gwaii is what drives me forward and is what I believe will have greater value in my life than material things.

I want to create a company in which Haida people can collect income and put food on their table without participating in the economic model that extracts resources from our abundant land. I want Haida Tide to actually create a positive outcome for the environment around us.

I want to eventually give back to Haida Gwaii by making a percentage of the proceeds go towards missing indigenous women, a green power grid for the island, funding for Haida culture, and beach clean-up.

This is my guiding light that is never going to fade, this is what pulls me through any challenges and hardship I face, this drive never dies within me.

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